What Flies Beneath is one of, if not THE, best episode of RoB. The tension between Hiccup and Toothless is very well handled, and even though it is REALLY sad, I think it is all actually very in character. We see again that Toothless is a dragon, not some pet or steed. He can be dangerous, and he has a mind and past of his own. I might say that Toothless shooting the plasma blast at Hiccup is one of the most hurtful things done in the series. Both of them know it too. Hiccup is shocked, and Toothless is very, very grave. This was a serious moment, one of the tensest moments between Hiccup and Toothless. Honestly I think this episode generated tension between them than the notorious Terrible Twos. Toothless shot a blast at Hiccup. Let that sink in… It really hurts when it does.

Now, on a side note, WHAT on earth has this Whispering Death done to Toothless in the past? Whatever it was must have been very serious. I am not going to speculate what it was exactly, but look at the last two pics. Whatever the Whispering Death did is serious enough to make Toothless shoot a blast at Hiccup, serious enough to make Toothless possibly compromise his friendship with the boy, and serious enough to drive Toothless into a suicidal battle. That momentary downward glance seems to say something… That last image. Toothless is a thinking creature, but what is he thinking? He is certainly sad, but that look almost feels like an, “I’m sorry, but you do not understand.”

Now that is speculation, I can’t read Toothless’s mind, but I do think that the Whispering Death has done some awful to Toothless in the past. The hatred between them actually drove Toothless to shooting at Hiccup, and for that reason I am forced to wonder… What has that boulder class monstrosity done to deserve such seething wrath? 

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